Promotional video

Our first promotional video is online! Check it out and find more information about the partners, the objectives of the project and the tools that the project aims to develop, to promote inclusive education for disabled and disadvantaged students.

Interviews with target groups, Teachers

Between 19th May – 14th June 2021, the INCLUDEME partners have conducted interviews with the identified stakeholders of the project – Teachers, who responded to the online surveys. The interviews represents a contributions towards the analysis of stakeholder requirements, for the implementation

Stakeholder analysis – Online surveys for Teachers

The online survey was carried out among the consortium partners and their corresponding organizations who had experience in teaching disadvantaged students. The survey questionnaire was having 17 questions related mainlyto the disadvantaged learners. The questions covered typesof social exclusions, which

INCLUDEME 2nd Transnational meeting

The INCLUDEME 2nd Transnational Meeting was organised online by Advanced Technology System, the coordinator of the project. The online meeting took place via Skype from 14:00 (CET) to 16:00 (CET).  Twelve attendees participated in this online meeting. The project coordinator,

INCLUDEME @ eLSE Conference

The 17th edition of the eLSE conference took place online between 22 and 23 April 2021, this year having as a central theme: “Education & Technology in (Post) pandemic times”. ATS presented on the first day of the conference the

INCLUDEME Stakeholder Analysis Meeting

The first step on mapping the INCLUDEME Stakeholder requirements was taken on March 22th, when the partners involved in the Stakeholder analysis and INCLUDEME Requisites, gathered online to discuss the user-centred approach of the project, on identifying the requirements from direct and

INCLUDEME Kick-Off Meeting

On 25.01.2021 had been taken place the INCLUDEME project Kick-Off Meeting, organised fully online by Advanced Technology System, the coordinator of the project. The online meeting took place via Skype from 15:00 (CET) to 16:30 (CET).  Seventeen attendees representing the

A game-based approach

The INCLUDEME Project aims to build game-based learning contexts to create inclusive environments for disadvantaged learners, with focus on disabled students, to enable them to acquire skills that facilitate their inclusion in learning flows, on the labour market, and in