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The project addresses core challenges associated with inclusive and accessible education for disadvantaged and disabled learners, which are directly enabled by teacher and stakeholder training initiatives.



The INCLUDEME Policy highlights


Invest in sustainable, inclusive Open Educational Resources, which can enable richer learning experiences for disadvantaged and disabled learners, and can empower teachers to act as digital authors. Such efforts need be correlated with accessibility-aware and aging-software design practices that nurture cost-efficient actions.

Digital asset customization and reuse must form core pillars of inclusive education, enabling not only the personalization of digital resources to meet specific needs of target groups, but also increasing teachers’ readiness to act as digital authors.


Create a European hub where organisations can register as entities interesting to participate in piloting and exploitation activities, substantially improving project implementations and outcomes.


Reshape and update the curricula, the assessment methods, as well as the dissemination and exploitation strategies and interventions to activate, accommodate, and nurture enablers that directly foster, and sustainably cultivate talent-oriented educational practices where disabilities are explored as talents and talents are not perceives as disabilities.

News & Events

February 06th

INCLUDEME Policy Recommendation event

INCLUDEME policy recommendation were presented during an online event ...

December 08th

INCLUDEME at Special Secondary School

The INCLUDEME platform was presented during an exploitation event ...

October 11th

INCLUDEME at #ErasmusDays

On 11.10.2023 INCLUDE ME participated in the #ErasmusDays event organized by Queen Mary" National Pedagogical College, Ploiesti...


  • Create & Play - the H5P way!
  • Piloting the INCLUDEME Platform
  • Exploitation events


  • 6 Accessible minigames
  • More than 300 H5P digital activities for Math, Foreign languages, Science and Social studies

Good practices

  • Customizable and reusable Digital Educational Assets to facilitate the construction of inclusive learning environments
  • Reinforce teachers’ readiness to adopt digital accessibility
  • Sustainable and resilient piloting strategies applicable during and beyond pandemic and quarantine times to nurture inclusive educational practices

Free, customisable & accessible digital resources

Ballon & pin

It's a cause-and-effect game designed for acquisition of coordination skills. Using their chosen control method, the user must inflate the ball without popping it. The aim of the game is to get the inflated balloon as close to the pin before it pops.

Customization features: balloon colour | control method | background effects | enabling or disabling of sounds/narration

Dino hunt

It's a visually rich timing game, for acquiring coordination skills, creativity and reaction speed. The students must move the character to different areas to find the treasure chest. Each level becomes more and more difficult, as the student progresses in the game.

Customization features: level difficulty | control method | background effects | enabling or disabling of sounds/narration


It's a simple cause-and-effect game, which develops hand to eye coordination and is fun to play. The students have two attempts to throw the bowling ball to knock down as many skittles as they can. This is a fun and repetitive game intended for players with neurodivergent difficulties.

Customization features: level difficulty | control method | background effects | enabling or disabling of sounds/narration

Farm counting

A fantastic math skills game promoting basic adding skills, visual recognition and concentration. The students must count how many animals appear on the screen, after which they have to click on the correct number to move to the next level.

Customization features: level difficulty | control method | background effects | enabling or disabling of sounds/narration


This is a simple cause and effect football game to develop precise hand to eye coordination. The user gets two option to shot on goal. This is a fun and repetitive game geared towards users with Neurodivergent difficulties.

Customization features: team color | background effects | enabling or disabling of sounds/narration

Match the cards

It is a game for acquiring skills audio and visual recognition as well as for stimulating thinking and creativity. The game is based on 4 different cards, matched with a corresponding sound. The student must match the sound with correct image to move to the next one question.

Customization features: control method | background effects | enabling or disabling of sounds/narration

Math | Kindergarten / First to 6th grade

Addition and subtraction | Multiplication and division | Understanding of quantity (more and less)

Foreign Languages | English / Romanian / German

Vocabulary | Reading and comprehension | Developing active listening | Developing critical thinking

Science | Physics / Biology / Chemistry

Engineering & technology | Solar system & universe | Changes in matter and energy | Living things, life cycles

Social Studies | Geography / History

Discover countries and capitals | Discover historical figures

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Inclusive education for disabled and disadvantaged student


Inclusive education practices across
educational, economic, social and cultural contexts.


Enable disabled and disadvantaged learners to improve the quality of their lives through the provision of customizable digital learning environments available in both formal and informal settings


Invest in the teaching staff skills to optimize the capacity ti effectively employofsupporting technologies that foster inclusive education.


Support communities to be more inclusive, by increasing awareness and equipping the relevant stakeholders with the knowledge, methodologies and tools needed to address social exclusion and equality issues.


Create synergies among local and European communities that drive awareness, change of perceptions,leading to immediate actions and long-term strategies that support inclusive education.

Project timeline & Milestones


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