INCLUDEME online piloting sessions in Romania

Between 24 – 26 of March 2023, the coordinator, ATS has organised 3 piloting sessions with one of the project main target group, Teachers from Special education. The event was held online, via Skype, and a number of 56 teachers have participated in the sessions. The sessions were divided in two panels. The first panel focused on explaining how to use the platform and the interactive activities created by the partners from the project using the H5P tools, the minigames created by the partner from Ireland – HFC and the resource center. The second panel focused on presenting the AccessAngel tool and the accessibility guidelines created in the project, where teachers had the opportunity to understand the steps in creating accessible word, powerpoint and pdf document.

The participants were interested in the H5P activities offered in the INCLUDEME platform and most of them mentioned that there are interesting and interactive activities that will surely attract the students. From the special education teachers, the feedback was good, but some recommendations were given regarding the fact that some activities contain a lot of stimuli, which does not make them suitable for certain disabled children. They were delighted to learn that these presented activities can be customized according to the teacher’s wishes and according to the needs of the students to whom they are addressed.

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