INCLUDEME Good practices

To address the importance of designing and developing DES and tools with accessibility in mind to enrich both the quantity and the quality of resources made available in order to support inclusive education, the INCLUDEME Project has created three Good Practices:

  1. GOOD PRACTICE 1: Customizable and reusable Digital Educational Assets to facilitate the construction of inclusive formal and informal learning environments. This good practice focuses on the concept of inclusive education processes and outlines actions and measures aimed to act as guiding principles for the successful creation of customizable and reusable DEAs
  2. GOOD PRACTICE 2: Reinforce teachers’ readiness to adopt digital accessibility. This good practice provides a set of recommendations that teachers can use as guidelines to consolidate their capacity to deliver accessibility-compliant digital resources. Documents created to support the this practice are available here.
  3. GOOD PRACTICE 3: Sustainable and resilient piloting strategies applicable during and beyond a pandemic and quarantine periods that nurture inclusive educational practices and interconnect local and European communities. This good practice provides a summary of project-level responses to the management ofschool closures during the pandemic, with a focus on the needs of disadvantaged learners and the role of technology.

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