INCLUDEME teacher training sessions, PAC

On October 19th, the partner PA College Limited – PAC has organised a teacher training session with one of the project main target group, Special Education Teachers from high-schools and universities. During the session, the INCLUDEME platform and the HP4 activities developed in Greek language were presented. The feedback received from the participants was that the learning activities must be closely aligned with the learning materials/curriculum and the particular disability, they have to be short and for certain disabilities they must not include a wide range of stimuli.

Special Educators highlighted the key role technology plays as well educational aspects. For example, having the option to display one question at a time, or a flow of questions are useful. At the same time, specialists emphasised the importance of audio feedback and rewarding sounds (such as clapping or celebrating). Similarly, while animations may be limited as part of a learning activity, they are important at the end of each question or level to emphasise the completion of the level (e.g., flying balloons or fireworks may animate when completing a level). In terms of usability, high contrast, simple or plain background for the H5P gamified activities, and audio feedback are essential aspects to consider. 

These findings informed further design and development of the INCLUDEME platform and games. 

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