INCLUDEME at Mad World Summit, events exhibited, key speaker & hosted for HFC, London, UK

MAD World was packed full of interesting speakers discussing DE&I, mental health, and wellbeing in the workplace. 
Being on the panel session ‘Benefits of having neurodiverse employees in the workplace’ enabled us to discuss this subject with an audience who were really keen to reap the rewards of employing neurodiverse talent including how to train managers on how to identify and use the abilities that their neurodiverse teams have within their organisations and translate this into driving productivity, innovation and bottom line performance. 
There was an opportunity for Lawrence Howard of Hands-Free Computing / Thriiver Ltd to outline and emphasise the work of the INCLUDEME project, the Neurodiverse audience that it was aimed towards and the overall objectives and aims of the project. The outcomes of the INCLUDEME project were referred to and links given to the activities, games and assistive tools included in the portal.

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