INCLUDEME at eLSE Conference 2023

Between April 27th – 28th 2023 took place the 19th edition of the eLSE Conference – “eLearning and Software for Education”, organised in a hybrid mode. The INCLUDEME project was presented by ATS, HFC, BIBA and PAC within the paper “Towards Accessible Player Experiences” which aimed to provide information related to the accessible online games created within the INCLUDEME Project that are designed to include learners with special needs, and anyone who uses assistive technology to access a computer or device using technology such as switches, touch screens or mouse and by PAC and SWU within the paper “Affordances and constraints of game-based learning for learners with disabilities: Perspectives from educators in Bulgaria and Cyprus” where it was presented the strategies and practices proposed by INCLUDEME project to make teaching and learning more inclusive and accessible for learners with disabilities and discusses educators’ perspectives and attitudes on the affordances and constraints of educational games for learners with disabilities.

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