INCLUDEME exploitation event at BIBA, Bremen

Initiated by the Bildungszentrum der Wirtschaft im Unterwesergebiet  (BWU), the project initiated for Bremen schools offers schoolgirls the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting world of MINT careers (Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Technology). BIBA actively participated in this initiative, showcasing INCLUDME as a part of the Exploitation Event held on January 15th, 2024 at BIBA, Bremen.   

  • With the primary objective of the project being accessible and inclusive design, the workshop focused on presenting the project’s outcomes in this area.                             
  • The workshop aimed to showcase well-designed, inclusive, and accessible features, providing insights into how INCLUDME results offer assistance. A portion of the project findings was shared with the participants, highlighting the development of an interactive and accessible learning application by the students.                                        
  • During the workshop students developed interactive and accessible learning applications on the subjects of their own choice.

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